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PostPosted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 4:23 pm 
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How to Create your Logo

Your Logo should be a visual representation of your company, so think about what you do, and how you would present the things you do in the form of an image. Mind you, this is not easy; creating a symbol that is understood or felt through the perception of a wider public is quite a monumental task!
But for a simple example; if raw materials are a big part of your business, you might want to include something that symbolises mining, digging or extracting. Maybe something like this:
A very good tool to help you brainstorm your ideas is Google image search; however, be careful, you don’t want to steal anyone’s logo! So always make sure that the picture you are looking at is not an official logo! If you decide to use an image you find as PART of your logo, make sure it is just a PART of your logo; it’s also a good idea to change it in some way, either in colour or in shape, covering it partially... anything that will make it different from the original.

Once you have your idea, you will have to decide how and with what software you will create your vision. There are many many options out there, and you will want to choose one that is in line with your skill level. If you have never used software like Photoshop or Photopaint, you will have a harder time creating your logo with that software. But a good logo can be created with any software, regardless of skill. Unless you are completely daft :hmm:

You can create it in Windows Paint very easily!
Here is a guided example:
Let’s imagine we have a company called Mc'Finnigan's, and we produce beer, medium quality. As the name suggests, the company was founded by Irish immigrants to the country of Simunomicstan. So to brainstorm, i will use Google image search and look for the terms Ireland and beer. Once you have an idea what could symbolize those two things, you can narrow your search. Let’s say we found these two:

Now we can open both of these in Paint, each picture in a separate instance of Paint.
We will need to open another instance of Paint, in order to copy the two images onto another canvas. But first, we need to set the size of the paint area. We can do this by going into the empty instance of paint and clicking properties. We then set the size to 3 times the size of the avatar size that is 360x360 pixels. We will make a smaller version later!
Now we have our canvas ready, and we can bring in the other two symbols. We do this by selecting each symbol, copying and pasting it into our empty canvas. To do this, click the select tool in Paint, then press Control+A to select all, if you want just a part of the picture, select the part you want by clicking and dragging a box around it, then press Control+C to copy what you have selected. Now move to the empty canvas and press Control+V on your keyboard to paste the image to the empty canvas.
Once the image is pasted, you can move it around and resize it, however, be careful- resizing a lot in Paint can cause the image to degrade! You can also duplicate the image by pasting it more than once!
To add text, select the text tool and click and drag an area in which you wish to write your text, choose your font, colour and other settings. You might want to add some lines or other shapes to your Logo, and with Paint this is pretty simple.
Here is the example:
Once your logo is completed, you can save it. I suggest using the PNG format, which is the default in Paint. Once your logo has been saved, you can start to think about publishing it as your avatar.

Publishing Your Logo

The easiest way in my experience is to use a file sharing website to upload your logo and IrfanView to resize the logo.
In this guide i will be using and IrfanView.
IrfanView is free image software that is just amazing!
Open your logo in IrfanView and resize it like this:
Open you logo in IrfanView and press Contorl+R on your keyboard.
Now change the size to 120x120 for publication of the logo for your avatar. You can now save the resized version by selecting Save As... In IrfanView; be sure to name it clearly, something like logoavatar.
Now go to and open an account there, its free and easy. Now you can upload the file:
Now navigate to where you saved your logoavatar and select it, then click Open, then click begin upload.
Once your file has been uploaded, all you have left to do is get the link and paste it into the forum avatar settings!

You may have noticed something weird here, the link says that the file is jpg; we will need to fix this after pasting it!

Now to paste the link and fix the file extension.
Navigate to the forum and go to your user profile.
Find the Edit Avatar option.
Don’t forget to change the file extension from jpg to png, set the size of your avatar (max 125x125 pixels)!

And there you have it, your very own logo!
If you have any problems, PM me, and i will update this guide as well!

Posting Your Images

The only difference is in the type of link that you copy and paste:

Paste this link into the forum and you image will be shown!

Other Image Software

If you have any other questions about other programs like Photoshop, PM me with any questions on how to create your logo, using effects, layers and other stuff!!!

Good Luck!!!

KwaDFak Inc.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:17 pm 

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Great article. :thumbup:

Gold Ring Expert !

PostPosted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 7:34 pm 

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Seriously great guide! :thumbup:

PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2014 10:17 am 

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Excellent! This information is a great addition to the community. Thank you for taking the time to compile the information.


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