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PostPosted: Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:13 pm 

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Some days ago, I read the theory of Arthon about what is the best way to have the best profit. In that theory we have to make the ratio between profit and the time spent. But it take to long doing one by one. Other theory of Bartleby was that profit was a parable. So, I decided to study the profit of retail's sales.



How you can see, it's a well defined function. It looks like a hyperbola (like logarithm function). This means that the profit grow very fast in the beggining but the acceleration becomes less significant. However we cannot get the best profit based on this function.


In this picture, you can see the Profit per Hour (PPH). How you can see the best profit is in the beggining of the graph, this means that you shouldn't wait long times to get paid because it wouldn't be very smart. Also, you can see that this graph is not a parabole has Bartleby said. Let's look better about the most significant values:


It's much better. Now it's look more like a polynomial function. How you can see there is a max in the function. This should be the best price/time to sell it because you have the best profit per hour. And it's base in this theory that my application works.

This study is based in the selling of one Desktop Computer, qa 35.87 in Bellerive.


My application receive two information, time and profit. Next, it will convert the information in points of the graph: time and pph. It will convert the points in a polynomial function with linear regression. After this, it will search for the max of the function and when find it will give you how many time do you should put you product to sell.


My application is hosted in and is very simple to use.

    Go to Retail
    Choose the amount you want to sell in Simunomics.
    Write the time in the field in Simunomics.
    Click in "Preview Sale Results" in Simunomics.
    Copy the value of the profit and paste in the column "Profit" in this website (don't forget to remove the "," and "β").
    Put the profit in the second collum.
    Do the same for all rows.
    Press the button "+" to add more rows.
    When you finish it you just have to press the button "Calculate" and you will have your best price with the maximum profit.
    You can adjust you time limit to calculate.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


This application isn't perfect. There is lot of errors and the result could not be the perfect one. However, it will give you a near value.

Please always confirm that "Profit forecast" is similar to the real profit. In another way, you should ignore the prediction value.

Always compare the result with you schedule. It's not very profitable to have an empty slot for a long time.

The more points you have, the more accurated the result would be.

If the result is under 10 hours you should test with more quantity or test manually.

Please send me your feedback, studies and possible problems. Good sells :smile:

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