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 Post subject: City Hall Problems
PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2016 11:20 am 

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User avatarRonak Holdings I
1. Unequal cities.

Before there was some hope to revive some cities. Now even the talking about the hope sounds utterly, pure spit with the city hall size limits. Since the past 3 years or so, maybe only once canjara has ever been lower than other cities. And then too it recovered in less than a half year.
At now, only as compared to canjara other cities can be called hinterlands. One entire city is greater than the economic/population might oh the other 3.

2. Extremely concentrated economic activity.

With city hall, economic activity will be solely be in canjara or very less activity in other cities. Additionally with building sizes limited, the factories and raw sites that were made into other cities to take advantage of the salaries, will slowly move back into canjara depressing wages further. Which can be offset by a rapidly increasing population. Also with retail stores, optimized salaries
(Don't know how many do) will offset the lower manufacturing wages.

3. What would be the possible solutions to ensure that economic activity redistributes or gets redistributed amongst all cities equally, or on a more equal footing unlike the current settings which are +/-300-400%.

Canjara retail space is

673% of Abalesk's
476% of Bellerive's
652% of Drakar's

None of them stand even close.

 Post subject: Re: City Hall Problems
PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, 2016 1:06 am 

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User avatarCorban Industries
Bug Swatter
canjara has always (except when i first started each and every city had boom and bust by some larger players with retail power "harbers") been the hub of the game for the most part. there is lots of reasons why. some are because larger players (like me and many others) used to build and give (at cost of building) to other newer players to help secure our city (me being 95% invested here).

though for large players there is still reasons to invest into retail in other cities and it should make it easier to gain things like triple city selling awards for products and what not.

though the main reason why Canjara is the way it is... is because players have chosen to invest heavily in it over the hears.

so all in all the city hall issue is just a manifestation of that hard work over the years. there is ways to work around this issue and some of the same tactics could be used to help the other cities by investing in newer players in other cities in ways of retail.

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