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PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 5:07 am 

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User avatarRonak Holdings I
1. Show players who is using their research.
2. Give research users individual powers to tune-up research according to their own tastes. For example I want a glassware research to be 100% quality, while another user wants the research to be 100% Quantity.
3. To combat point 2, which will be skewed in favour of users, give the power to research owners, to kick off users from the research users list.
4. If I publish a research, and then it decays from 200 points to 100 points. Now, give me the ability to put that research back into the RnD centers. The research that is at 100 points, is still 100 research points above the rest of the society, let a player make that research 200 points above the rest of the society. It isn't easier to have a research level 200 once you've done it already, so let us maintain a research behind which we've spent billions, and are willing to spend more. BUT if you want a research to be applied to factories, it has to be stripped of all the RnD centers.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 3:19 pm 

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User avatarAllmart
System Company
We might consider doing the first. The others are the exact opposite of what we want.

Forcing the researcher to decide is not only a little closer to realism (such as it is) but it also makes the different patents on offer have differences. We're actually closer to making it lock in at the start of research, except we know some companies want a specific threshold and that's tough with decay and percents.

Kicking licensees off research would be terrible for them and not the kind of experience we want.

And I don't think re-opening patents is necessary. Again it's a bit less realistic and having them around increases the number of offerings. We really don't want just one patent per product that the whole economy uses, so it helps if you are encouraged to offer lower levels at really cheap prices.

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