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 Post subject: LEGAL SYSTEM
PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 10:21 am 

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Simunomics pride themselves on being the best and ultimate business/economic simulation online. That is definitely true, and I'm sure you'll agree with me that a great influencer to it's greatness is the realism of it.

For those of you who are down to the core realistic freaks when it comes to you, consider this:

A Justice System for Simunomics

Now this may seem impractical, but believe me when I tell you that it can work and it will work. Even the mere possibilities of how it could further the realism of the game as a whole means that it's worth a shot.

Allow me to explain my suggestion in algorithmic processes...

1. Announce to the public (on their news boards) that a new system has made its way into Simunomics). Request for volunteers.

2. When someone clicks on the button to volunteer they are directed to a page where a brief test awaits. The IRAC Test. What does it stand for? Well, if you are a law student or had some law subject in college or varsity, then you would know the IRAC method of analysing a case.
I - Identify the ISSUE; R - What does the RULE say, A - Analyse the presented evidence, case and circumstances; C- Conclude and choose a remedy or penalty. The IRAC method is generally for business law essay case scenarios, which makes it perfect for a small scenario test for a volunteer.

3. Now that the test is submitted you recieve a notification that the submission is pending and you will be notified on the results. After evaluation you receive a message on the selection or rejection of your application and are required to familiarise yourself with the simunomics rules.

4. There is a body for the 'Public Defender' (those who wil represent the accused in court).
There is a body for the 'Prosecutor' (those who will charge the accused in court.)
There is a body for the 'Judges' (those whose only job is to listen, weigh and judge.)
All cases are done according to realistic policy, such as "innocent until proven guilty", "beyond reasonable doubt", and each side is weighed according to the knowledge of the judge. Judges have the easiest, yet most intense job. They are selected only from the two advocating bodies and only by chief judges or staff members (moderators).
ÀState decisis and ratio decidendi will be uphold in courts to maintain fairness and true justice.

5. The accused is then notified by a moderator - who actually acts as police and usually penalised you with a fine - that you have been charged with the following crimes or irregularities. You are also notified on the right to an attorney, but you may choose to defend yourself (realism). If you choose an attorney you have to go to the Public Defendant office (An extra section in the Menu). You may choose a defender of your choise and be notified whether he/she can help you. Upon attaining an advocate legal fees are directly and automatically paid to the body (lawyers work for the body and get paid a salary for their work).

6. They discuss the circumstances, accusations and evidence. The lawyer then forms his case. The same goes for the Prosecutor, except he does nit discuss it with anyone but himself and maybe his pet.

7. A date is given to both attorneys and accused and judge. The date may be moved whenever one party can not make the selected date. A formal excuse must be sent to the judges body with the case reference as subject. The responsible judge will then review it and decide on the next date. Failing to attend the date without excuse will result in a disciplinary hearing for the attorney or judge and also forfitting the case to the prosecution (vice versa)

8. When it is time for you to go to court you wil be notified via an alert. Clicking on the alert wil direct you to a private group discussion. Chat protocol will be followed as set out by the chief judge / chief justice before the implementation of the legal system.
The discussion (court session) will be recorded and archived in a forum (only accessable by members of the Prosecutor's or Defender's or judge's body) for later and future review.

9. After the judge reached a conclusion it gives a judgment. This judgment must be uphold and a percentage of legal cost (penalty only) will go to the judge and prosecutor bodies.

As a student who got Cum Laude in both Commercial Law and Corporate Law, I know that this can work and that it is capable to not only intesify realism in the game but demolish any unwanted limitations. For exmaple, instead of limiting the amount of an item on auction, bring in my suggestion for those who does not conform to law concerning the pricing of items on auction.
And, for example, now Simunomics' developers can bring in an extra feature to loan unsecured (or even secured for thst matter) from other businesses or banks, and when they do not deliver on the pay-back agreements, they can get sued for even more than they initially borrowed!

It just brings more and more realism to the game, complimented with endless possibilities and extras to this legal system.

Tell me what you think?

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