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PostPosted: Fri Sep 16, 2016 6:47 pm 

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After all this time, here's a thought:

Entertainment service. It's roughly generic as it encompasses a whole lot of different businesses, but not every kind.

Let's use a movie theater as an example.
  • Acts like a regular building with one slot and expandable size
  • Requires paying employees like a retail building
  • You get to pick from a variety of movies to show, with a default of say 5, and an additional 1 for every upgrade (tying into square footage would be more realistic, but imagine picking movies for a 500k movie theater)
  • Greater square footage would accomodate more customers
  • Current movies that you could pick from would be a list of say 20 movies that changes every week or so from a system list of movies
  • Each movie has stats about action, violence, characters, plot, etc. that make it more or less favorable according to customer preferences as well as actual game stats that say how well it's sold at other movie theaters.
  • Possible additional "corporate stats" like how much it's been advertised, critical reception, etc.
  • Theaters could additionally sell food/drinks that require products from the game
  • Each ticket has a price (set by and paid to theater owner) and a set system cost
  • Additional upgrades (Better movie quality, air conditioning, etc.) that would take time to put into place but be an additional factor along with price to make people come to your theater.

Now imagine that as a paid radio station:
  • Pick from a variety of songs to play, possibly more songs available at once, but the cost and price for each is lower
  • Current songs would also be a list that changes every week
  • Each songs has stats about genre, and the popularity of the singer
  • Possible additional corporate stats about advertisement, popularity and how well known it is
  • Radio stations wouldn't sell food/drinks but could sell advertisements of those products (that require the products from the game?)
  • Each song has a royalty price to pay (to the system) and a price to set by the station owner
  • Upgrades like better sound quality, greater range, etc.

You could probably consider arcades, tv stations, arenas, (think famous singers, musicians, comedians, or other personalities), or even museums under that model.

Additionally for how it would tie into the economy, the more a movie/song/arcade game/tv show/personality/exhibit is viewed, the less the public is willing to pay for it, or the quicker it will become (un)popular (oversupply).

Add perhaps there could be awards for profitability, most views, etc. Add to prevent giant companies from just buying them and then pricing everything at System cost+0.01 or some other monopoly like activity, if the building doesn't generate a profit after X amount of time, it closes automatically no matter how much money you have to keep running it.

You could add in the "coffee effect" where weather conditions effect if people come to your place and you have to decide how many times to show the movies.

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