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PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2015 4:37 am 

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Before we begin, we would like to thank _________ Inc. Inc. Corps for providing us with such a deep insight by allowing us to give this interview about how we can corporate to become more prosperous by improving the economy.

_________ Inc. Inc. Corps: You darn better thank us! And do it using a ton of green paper instead of your worthless words! And you better do it like this!(Company owner throws money everywhere. Just to tell you, there was one stuck in his underwear. He pulled it out, and apparently it was covered with nuttela-like stuff. I'm not going to the specifics like the corn in it.)

Interviewer: Since you are so passionate about this interview, would you please tell us how you plan to help the economy improve and therefore make companies have an easier time making profits?

_________ Inc. Inc. Corps: Lower the minimum wage! Up prices! Destroy all companies who aren't mine!

Interviewer: Sir, I am not sure about how that would help other companies to prosper.

_________ Inc. Inc. Corps: It will teach em' a lesson for trying to rise against the great _________ Inc. Inc. Corps empire!!!!!!!!

Interviewer: Kind sir, but they are the light that will lead families away from suffering. They provide jobs and up competition so that prices won't go to the extremes.

_________ Inc. Inc. Corps: I don't care about those things! There only making my profit making harder!

Interviewer: Are you sure you are dictated to improving lives?

_________ Inc. Inc. Corps: Yes! Are you questioning my authority? Because if you are, I will destroy you once I rule Abalesk!

Interviewer: Uh, I think I'm better off with Joejoeoreo meat and baked desserts now. There are plenty cheap-

_________ Inc. Inc. Corps: Stop your blabbering! I don't have all day so start the interview already!!!!!

Interviewer: Sir, it already started. We sent you 7 messengers to make sure you got notified.

_________ Inc. Inc. Corps: Wait, those people I tossed into the meat grinder were messengers?

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It is currently Sat Feb 29, 2020 3:53 am (All times are UTC [ DST ])

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