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PostPosted: Sat Feb 22, 2014 6:13 am 
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Alex Lorrine interviewed the winner of the Product Scramble January event, Sonder Moon Inc. Here is what he had to say.

Alex: Were you planning on winning this event from the start?

Sonder Moon Inc.: I certainly had an objective to be a very strong competitor and I knew I had the resources to win this event. Therefore I think it would be a fair conclusion that I planned to win from the start.

Alex: The product scramble requires you to constantly be checking around cities and warehouses to submit products. How time consuming was this event for you?

Sonder Moon Inc.: I never framed the event in a context of how much demand it would have on my time. My strategy was to have every finished product I possibly could available in all four cities and be able to continuously submit to add to my score at will. Of course, I did have a few inventory shortages and I realized that I needed to be prepared to make advances in my score in the same moments that my competitors did. My strategy strength is a strong understanding my competitors circadian habits along with tenacity and attrition. I paid attention to who and when one of my competitors scores moved and just intiutively understood how to manage that. I knew I had won the event once I had such a strong lead and my competitors were psychologically defeated.

Alex: Are product scrambles your favorite type of event?

Sonder Moon Inc.: I do not know product scrambles as my favorite type of event as I do not yet have a frame of reference for all of the Simunomics event types.
However, the event was certainly fun for me overall and I certainly felt a sense of accomplishment from winning the event.
I am thankful for the event as it compelled me to reach out to other players that I had no previous interactions with.

Alex: Anyone in particular you'd like to thank that helped you win?

Sonder Moon Inc.: I certainly want to thank all the Simunomics players that helped my company by providing finished products during the contest. This win belongs to them as much as it does to me. I am just not prepared to list them all here. I am certain I would leave someone out who should and would want to be recognized. Also, I know that some players expressed a wish to remain anonymous and I want to respect that too.

Finally, I want to thank all competitors who kept me motivated to do everything I possibly could to make this win.

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