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PostPosted: Fri Jul 18, 2014 4:03 pm 

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User avatarDonna di Ferro
Pulled from today's - 7/18/2014

-Washington DC

The Obama Administration continues to give away America's strength, this time to a known Socialist.

The Socialist-in Chief and Gruberia announced a trade agreement yesterday through a press release. The press release claims to allow Gruberia to sell their fruit in the US duty and tariff free. In exchange, the US lifts the 1973 trade embargo barring US businesses from selling technology in Gruberia. This embargo was enacted after the People's Revolution led by strongman and "Fair and Honorable Leader" (sarcasm intended) Gruberian President Hans Gruber.

An unnamed Obama official states "The US is nervous about fruit production in the drought stricken west and especially California. You know how those Socialists like to stick together anyway. So what if Gruberia gets a few pieces of plastic and motherboards. What are they going to do, build a doomsday ColecoVision? They barely have the ability to shoot woodland creatures with a BB gun."

Of course, this slight of hand move distracts Americans from the big problem at hand - undocumented Central Americans illegally crossing our borders. If the Grand Obama Propaganda machine would get off their immoral butts, they would send back all this Gruberian fruit and these poor, desperate children who don't enjoy poverty and possible death and stop pandering to small, useless South American leaders.

As more details develop, know that The Tea Party News Network will continue to dress up their opinions and news and continue cherry-picking facts to support our narrative.

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