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PostPosted: Tue Nov 04, 2014 10:43 am 

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User avatarVyapaar
Drakar Chamber of Commerce
Region Population Retail Spending Worker Wages Construction Costs
Abalesk 254,269 Depressed (-3) Average Average
Bellerive 371,918 Troubled (-2) Weak (-1) Average
Canjara 2,739,107 Impressive (+2) Average Average
Drakar 427,744 Troubled (-2) Strong (+1) Average

If you see the table which I took from the game, Drakar is definitely good for people to immigrate. However Canjara is definitely not bad with the above stats. Worker wages are not weak as compared to Bellerive. With size of people more than 6 times of the next highest populated city, Canjara is still good for retailing. Retailers should start worrying only when the spending comes down along with the wages. In order to sustain the impressive spendings, retailers should control their pricing in the market.

This is from in game news...
Here we can see that Canjara citizens earn about 40% what their neighbors in Drakar earn. Yet their prices are almost 5 times as high! A simple product like Fruit costs an average of β122.73 in Drakar. But in Canjara, the average price is β1,523.37. Loyal Canjara natives will say they don't mind paying a bit more when they quality is worth it. (And Canjara does boast the highest quality Fruit, though the same cannot be said for all products. Bellerive's quality is an average 8% higher quality across the board.) For low and middle-income families this is simply unsustainable.

The above in game analysis, I feel is only on few items.

If you look at another simple product like meat. The average price in Canajara is around 4K. But if you look at the same meat in Drakar it is 53k (12.5 times more than Canajara), the same thing averages at 45k in abalesk (10 times more than Canjara).

Another example is ice cream. It averages at 10.7k in Drakar, a clear 2.8 times more than Canjaras average price of 3.8K.

For a moderate item like Digital Watches, the average price in Drakar is 30K compared to 4.65k in Canjara.

Unfortunately I am not good in pasting images like what my pal Kvothe does. May be that comes by experience. We got lot of that stuff (analysis) in Synergy.

The point is, The in game analysis is not spread over all the retailed products and is not exhaustive. The price rise in Canjara is over estimated. The heading itself is terrifying the retailers.

The retailers in Canjara need not panic but be cautious. It is basically the retailers who are controlling the prices irrespective of city sentiment. When Canjara is ready to spend more, only prices of few items sky rocketed. At the same time when Drakar population is good with wages and are ready to spend, the existing prices are way high than the average prices in the nearby prosperous Canjara. I feel there is nothing to worry for retailers in Canjara as long as they have the over ambitious retailers in Drakar who boosted the prices without checking the city's growth.

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