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 Post subject: Newer Pricing system.
PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2017 5:21 am 

Joined: Jul 30, 2013
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User avatarRonak Holdings I
Notwithstanding the help for product pricing that PHIL offers, a newer pricing system, based on the omnipresent, omnipotent Allmart, SSC.

Assuming the Allmart prices to be good for qa0 items, we assume that as a base price for any product, be it industrial, retail or intermediate. For every quality point, add 5% of base Allmart price, upto qa100. Over qa100, upto qa200 add 7% of base Allmart price.

For example water.

Allmart insists on buying water at $0.28 per unit.

So, qa100 water will cost me -

• 0.05*0.28=0.014
• 100*0.014=1.4
• 1.4+0.28=1.68

Similarly qa160 water will cost me -

upto qa100, the quality adding on price will remain 1.4

now the 60 additional points over qa100 will cost me -

• 0.07*0.28=0.0196
• 0.0196*60=1.176

Hence the total of whay qa160 water will cost me-

• 1.4+1.176=2.576
• 2.576+0.28=2.856

This is just an example. Other products can be similarly priced for their different qualities.

PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 6:00 pm 

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User avatarAllmart
System Company
Interesting idea. The problem is that PHIL's recommendations won't change unless we rebalance the product overall - something that doesn't happen very often. Allmart's prices change if we rebalance OR if we just want to change their impact.

The only reason Allmart buys is so that new players can get practice selling via invoice. That role is not likely to change, but we don't really need them to buy from anyone outside of training. So I wouldn't rely on it outside of that.

PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 6:55 pm 

Joined: Jul 30, 2013
Posts: 608
User avatarRonak Holdings I
You do realise that wholesalers, can just make profits from selling to Allmart right?

I can sell grains to Allmart for $8.77 and make a decent $0.40-0.70 grain, which would be nearly $90,000,000 per day, from selling to Allmart.

Ofcourse, I will definitely get more money, if I do something more productive.

But, just sayin, ya know

Also, could Allmart's be a floating price? Depending upon how much goods retailed, how much not retailed? Produced/not produced?

That would probably make it more fairer.

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